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Enjoy your visit to missionart.com, where you will find rich, colorful depictions of life at California's legendary missions by artist Howard Anderson. Enjoy the fiesta at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Saturday at the Santa Barbara Mission, and Sunday at Mission San Diego de Alcala. Meticulous in detail and authentic in their portrayal of the settings, the paintings provide a unique and sometimes whimsical view of life in California. We invite you to browse our mission art gallery of limited fine art giclée editions and fine art prints.

The website is loaded with art and photographs of all 21 California missions, from Sonoma to San Diego, including the artist's original mission photography and rare and historical postcard collection. Included on the site are California mission and Junipero Serra facts and information, maps and directions to all 21 California missions, and links to other mission-related websites.

Giclées, art prints, greeting cards and other items are available in our mission gift shop and can be ordered securely online.

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"Mass at The
Mission San Diego"

"San Luis Rey Reflection" 

"San Juan Capistrano Fiesta"

"Domingo en la
Misión San Gabriel"

"San Fernando Friends"

"Welcome to San Buenaventura"

"Santa Barbara Saturday"

"Los Rancheros Visitadores
de Santa Inés"

"La Purisima Sunset"

"San Luis Obispo
Mission Music"

"Traveling to San Miguel"

"Good Morning San Antonio"

"Soledad Afternoon"

"First Communion Carmel"

"Santa Cruz View"

"San Juan Bautista
Field Trip"

"Santa Clara
Mission Gardens"

"Mission San Jose"

"Mission in The City"

"Mission Visit San Rafael"

"Summertime in Sonoma"


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