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H O W A R D  A N D E R S O N  put a successful advertising career behind him to pursue his abiding passion, oil painting, full time. The artist, an award-winning designer/art director for NBC and the Los Angeles Times, left behind a 20-plus year commercial career to explore an elevated sense of place through his paintings.

For more than a decade, Howard was a print art director at NBC, where he was a leading designer of television print advertising, winning numerous industry awards. He designed advertising for NBC's primetime series, movies & miniseries, specials and late night programs. His designs for NBC Marketing and Affiliate Promotions received international recognition. Additionally, Howard directed a “Who's Who” list of NBC talent and guest stars for still photography.

Prior to NBC, he was with The Times, producing award-winning outdoor, transit, trade and consumer print advertising. Throughout his career, he created illustrations and cartoons at every opportunity—for The Times, NBC and numerous freelance clients—and eventually followed that path into painting.

The artist has completed paintings of all 21 of California's legendary missions. Meticulous in detail and authentic in their portrayal of the settings, the paintings provide a unique and sometimes whimsical view of life in California. Inspiration came from his own experiences growing up in California and graduating from Santa Clara University (the only university associated with a California mission). A separate company, Mission Art Press, was formed to publish his works. The internet site, www.missionart.com, was created by the artist to showcase his limited fine art editions and to provide a source of information, original photography and historical graphics relating to the original 21 missions. Limited editions and greeting cards are available on the internet and at various gift shops throughout California.

In addition to completing his California mission series, Howard continues to design, illustrate, cartoon and paint and is available for commission and freelance assignments.

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"St. Genevieve" (detail)

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